Friday, August 13

Trend Alert

Today, I was getting over my jetlag by wandering through the silent aisles of the Bon Marche (Paris' it department store!), and while paying for my beautiful new military-style jacket (as recommended here!) at Sandro (pics coming soon, you'll LOVE the bejeweled shoulders!), I noticed the salesperson's gorgeous nail polish colour. Not familiar with the hue, but already in love with the taupe-purplish shade, I asked her what it was. "Paradoxal", Chanel's new lacquer, she casually told me. I acted disinterestedly polite, but as soon as I was out of her field of vision, I rushed down to the ground floor with barely-contained excitement, over to Chanel's cosmetics display, and immediately purchased two bottles of the gorgeous nail polish (along with a refill of my favourite mascara, the Inimitable Intense in black). I highly recommend you do the same, especially after what happened to the unspeakably beautiful "Nouvelle Vague" which was oh-so-popular this summer. I can already predict that Paradoxal will be all the rage I'm getting my nails done in the colour as early as right now. Enjoy!

Ps: do not be fooled by the slightly iridescent shade in the bottle: I was horrified myself. But it's just the way the light plays with it inside the bottle. Not what it'll look like on your nails!


Photography Credits: Cafe MakeUp

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